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NEWSLETTER | Juni/July 2014

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Event Information

The World Choir Games 2014 are so close! Check our website for helpful information for visitors, a Riga city map, walking distances between the venues and daily schedule of events!

Event information…


Save your workshop tickets now!

You can order for you group through info@bilesuparadize.lv.

Regular workshop tickets cost 7€, Headliners 15€.

Check the workshop schedule here!

Free WiFi

Riga is European Capital of free WiFi! There are roughly 3700 WiFi Hot Spots spread around the whole city.

Just perfect to always share your photos and comments on Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

Using the official hashtag #wcg2014!

Meet'n'Greet Morten Lauridsen

You have the chance to meet Morten Lauridsen in person at the World Choir Games 2014! On July 12 and July 18 at 14:30 he will be available at the World Choir Games Centre (K. Valdemais iela 1) to talk directly to singers and conductors about music, choral singing and composing.

"I'm just so impressed about what has happened here to have choirs, singers and conductors from all over the world come together to make music”, he said during the 2012 World Choir Games. “I'm meeting people who do my music from all over the world. They come up to me from Indonesia and all over and say 'Thank you for your music', so I'm very inspired by this!" Be sure, Morten Lauridsen already looking forward to “meet and greet” singers from all over the world in Riga!

Come to the World Choir Games Center on July 12 or 18 and meet the world-renowned composer up close and personal!

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