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Get inspired

The days in Riga will not only be filled with competitions and concerts.

In each part of the Games 12 workshops will take place.

Check the clinicians and topics and save your tickets now.


Your videos

Check out the WCG 2014 video diary on ChoirTV.com and upload videos showing your choir’s preparation for the Games!

Share your WCG pre-experiences with other participants and see who’s all coming to the #wcg2014!

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Media guidelines

As you and your choir prepare for the World Choir Games, we’d like make you aware of special photo/video guidelines that will be in place during the performances.

Please read carefully the following information.

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Make new friends at Friendship Concerts!

In July Riga will turn into a singing city. During the World Choir Games more than 50 Friendship Concerts will take place, mainly in the city centre. International choirs will meet then and sing for each other and for all guests and citizens. Friendship Concerts are the sweetest way to make new friends from all over!

Main places for Friendship Concerts will be the Open Air Stage on the Esplanade and the Vermanes Garden Open Air Stage, but also the Origo Summer Stage close to the train station and the Botanical Garden will host several concerts during the event. The first concert will be on July 9 at 12:00 at the Esplanade and the last one on July 18 at 17:30 in the Botanical Garden.

Admission to all Friendship Concerts is free!

We’ll be there –
the Team

The teams from INTERKULTUR and M&C Music Contact are working hard on the final preparations for the World Choir Games 2014. In a few weeks they will go on their way to Riga and look forward to meeting you!

We’ve asked them a few questions in these crazy times:



What is the best part of working for the World Choir Games?

Ella: The best part of working for the World Choir Games is to see the excited anticipation of the choirs to the event and to note how different the choirs prepare for their performance in the competitions and Friendship Concerts.  Working for the World Choir Games is a bit like reading short stories. In each story different characters tell you a tale about their home, their traditions and culture.

Steffi: The best part is to schedule the performances of the choirs - it is like a puzzle and at the end you see that it works and all singers will hopefully be on the right stage at the right time.

Elisabeth: By communicating with “my choirs” and helping them organize their stay in Riga, I am like a small wheel in a giant machine, but my work matters a lot for these choirs. I am happy to be part of the World Choir Games!

Julia: To be in contact with most diverse choirs from all parts of the world for months and hearing them sing all together in harmony in the great Mezaparks concert in the end.

Jana: Seeing all these different people from different countries and cultures singing together and enjoying their time with music together. Seeing them celebrating one another.  It feels like being a part in the direction of peace!

Rossana: The last day. J

What are you mostly looking forward to in Riga?

Ella: I am looking forward to the excited atmosphere and to see choirs everywhere in Riga - in the streets, public transport, the park – how they meet each other, sing together, establish friendships and share stories from their different cultural backgrounds.

Steffi: I can't wait to see the faces to the many, many e-mails I have written in the last weeks and months to so many different people, singers and conductors! It is the best moment to meet the people in Riga finally and personally - and to see them happy, laughing... and singing!

Elisabeth: I am very much looking forward to meeting all choirs I have been in touch with during the past 9 months. Of course, I also want to hear them sing!

Julia: The explosive and emotional atmosphere during the Awards Ceremonies when all choirs achieve the reward for their hard work!

Jana: Meeting the one or other of the choirs I supported for this long time and maybe listening to one of their concerts.

Rossana: The local food!

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