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NEWSLETTER | March 2014

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So Much to Experience, One Hashtag to Find it all:

Whenever you talk about your World Choir Games preparation in social networks, don’t forget to tag all content with #wcg2014 – the official hashtag for the World Choir Games in Riga. Help us telling the story of this year’s WCG, it’s starting right now!

RIGA - Get ready

Let’s keep on learning Latvian to be well-prepared for July, as we all want to get to know many Latvian people.

This time we recommend a YouTube video teaching you helpful phrases with the correct pronunciation to use when you meet a Latvian for the first time.

Watch it here...

Video contest

MY SONG travels around the world and meets in Riga!

The National Organizing Commitee in Riga announces the "Choir Selfie" video contest for all World Choir Games participants.  Learn more to particpate and about the prizes to win!

More information...

Introducing the
Champions Trophy

"A motive of a Mountain and a bridge bring fantasy alive, it symbolizes positive vibe in music that goes far beyond different countries and cultures but amber brings us to Latvia – a drop of amber on the costs of the Baltic sea,..." describes us the designer the Champions Trophy of the 8th World Choir Games, Latvian sculptor Olga Silova.

Her work captivates with its simplicity and emotional fulfillment taking us to a world of new and unexpected associations. "Metal is hard and rigid, it requires an understanding of the time," she further says. Does not happen the same with music? Notation comes to life, the heart only interprets the touch…

The Champions Trophy of the 8th World Choir Games will be awarded to the winning choir in each category of The Champions Competiton. It’s hand made in aluminum and decorated with natural amber. Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be made after the artist’s sketch.

I will be there -
Shireen Abu Khader, Dozan wa Awtar singers (Jordan)

Why will you be at the World Choir Games 2014?

After Dozan's regional success, the World Choir Games felt like the next natural step. For Dozan wa Awtar singers, this will be an opportunity to explore different cultures through music. There will be many different choirs, sounds and schools of singing that will allow them to enhance their musicality by simply listening and being present.

It is an honor to represent Jordan for the first time at the Games, but it is also an opportunity for many audiences to hear our beautiful music and develop a true understanding of our rich Arabic culture. Our melodies are memorable and our rhythms are like no other.

Our hope is that we not only sing for each other, but build connections and friendships that will continue to bridge the gaps of cultural misconceptions and embrace a true understanding for humanity.

What is special about your choir?
Unlike many choirs, Dozan wa Awtar strives and builds on the strength of the community. Though this is found in many choirs, it is distinct in Dozan because not only have we been able to create a community of singers who are joined by their love of singing regardless of ethnic background or religious barriers, but we have also created a place where each member contributes to the choir in many more ways and not only by singing.

Which song by a famous artist is the best to describe the choir?
A song built on a Sufi poem called “Adeenu b’deen al-hubbi” which means “I follow the religion of love” – I think the title says it all. We often perform our arrangement of this with improvisations, sacred chants and songs interwoven throughout which reflects the diversity of our choir in nationality, background, musical experience and character.

What is your most memorable choir experience?
We organize a regional choral festival called Aswatuna. The first Aswatuna in 2008 was an unforgettable experience. Spending 5 days with other choral singers, sharing music, attending workshops, improving technique and then performing together was representative of all we want to do as a choir. It also allowed us to build relationships with many choirs in the region that we have been able to since build on and expand.

What are you especially looking forward to at the
World Choir Games 2014 in Riga?

At this time, the attention of the world and the media is focused on the Arab World, however much of this is focused on the wars, the violence, the loss of lives and the challenges faced by refugees. To be able to represent Jordan in in the most profound and self-expressive way through singing is truly an expression of self and a truer representation of the core of the Arab culture.

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