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NEWSLETTER | February 2014

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Volunteering for the Games? It will be fun, by all means! Internationals can apply through the INTERKULTUR website; Latvians are invited as of now to fill in a special form that has been published today. Please note: You have to be at least 14 years old.

Application form…

RiGA - Get ready

Only 5 months to go, so it’s time to learn some Latvian words. This time we start with 5 basics:

Hello Čau!/Sveiki
Good day Labdien
Bye Atā
Yes/No jā/nē
Thank you Paldies

WCG 2016

SOCHI, the Olympic City 2014 will host the 9th World Choir Games 2016!

Where few days ago athletes competed for gold, silver and bronze, choirs from all over will meet in two years and sing for the medals.

Read more…

Get inspired –
The WCG 2014 Workshops

During the World Choir Games in Riga a variety of workshops are offered both for choirs as well as for individuals. On the competition days (July 10-12 & 16-18) 4 workshops are offered daily, which are divided into the following topics:

Always at 9:30 a.m.

(Get inspired and learn from Henry Leck, Nicol Matt, Zimfira Poloz, Kari Turunen, and others)

Always at 11:30 a.m.

(Workshops with The Real Group, The King’s Singers, Morten Lauridsen, Javier Busto, & Eriks Ešenvalds)

Always at 2:00 p.m.

(Learn about and sing along to choral music from around the world with Cristian Grases, Yang Hongnian, Ugis Prauliņš, Bernard Krüger and others)

Always at 4:00 p.m.

(Sing Jazz, Gospel, Barbershop, etc with Kirby Shaw, André Thomas, Robert Campbell, Johan Rooze, and others)

Individual as well as Week Tickets will go on sale in April on www.singriga.lv.

I will be there –
Andrea Schramm,
Rejoice Gospel Choir (Germany)

Why will you be at the World Choir Games 2014?

I say, we’ve been infected by the World Choir Games fever! It’s a very special choral experience. Our great success two years ago in the country of Gospel, the United States has shown us that our choir has something special to offer. The competitions, the concerts on public squares have shaped the choir. We’re looking forward to great concerts and to meetings choirs and people from all over!

What is special about your choir?
I guess, we’re authentic. Making music and feeling it are poles apart. I think we’re good at conveying emotions. Learning tunes, lyrics, rhythm, intonation is indispensable for each new piece, but filling a song with life, slipping own interpretations in, is an important part for us and our audience feels that.

Which song by a famous artist describes your choir best?
My first thought was “Totally Praise” by Kirk Franklin. When I joined the choir in 2011 this song was a permanent part of the repertoire already. I noticed that the choir loves to sing it together. After the unexpected death of our chairman this song was sung often in thought of him. Now, two years after, this emotional piece is borne by positive emotions again. The gospel “Totally Praise” makes us able to express solace, power, hope, joy and belief together.

What is your most memorable World Choir Games experience?
It’s our competition performance in the “Gospel” category in Cincinnati 2012. It was overwhelming, being a German gospel choir, to sing in front of such a great American audience and beautiful setting – standing ovations during the performance, positive feedback afterwards. All choral members were in each other’s arms after the performance, celebrated themselves, and were happy and cried. It was just amazing, a firework of emotions.

What are you especially looking forward to at the
World Choir Games 2014 in Riga?

We were happy that the World Choir Games will take place in Europe again this year, in a country known for its love of singing. Two years ago we didn’t have much time to listen to other choirs due to our strict time table. We’d like to make up for it more intensively this year.

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