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NEWSLETTER | January 2014

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Getting to Riga

For those of you that have not made their travel arrangements to Riga yet we have some useful information.

Have a look here…

Visa Information

For all of you that need to apply for a visa we have put together a lot of useful information.

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Why Riga?

Youth Choir Kamer is one of the leading choirs in the world and it comes from Riga. They will be involved in several World Choir Games activities, look forward to it!

See and listen to Kamer…

It’s 2014, finally!

This year is going to be an exciting year for us: The 8th World Choir Games mark one of the highlights of RIGA 2014 - European Capital of Culture. From January 17 – 19, 2014 the official opening celebrations kicked off the cultural events for 2014.

As of now there are cultural highlights to happen every day, which are divided into several thematic lines like “Amber Vein”, “Thurst for the Ocean” or “Freedom Street”. Also in the World Choir Games Month in July there will be thousands of things to discover along with the World Choir Games.

Check out the event calendar and learn more!

I will be there – Johan Rooze

Why will you be at the World Choir Games 2014?

I will act as adjudicator, attend the jury meetings, I will hold workshops and evaluation performances and take part in the Awards Ceremonies. I’m involved in the artistic council and a member of the World Choir Council.

Which other World Choir Games did you already attend?

Bremen 2004, Graz 2008, Shaoxing 2010 and Cincinnati 2012

What is your most memorable World Choir Games experience?

There are several things to say: My first time in Bremen, so many great choirs; the parade in Graz, the shows in Shaoxing and the fabulous “I Can” Song in Cincinnati. However, it were always the choirs and conductors that remained and who confirmed my opinion that “a human having the music is a great human”.

Why are you especially looking forward to the World Choir Games 2014?

For me the World Choir Games are always a warm bath of people, cultures and music. Each time I’m amazed by the musical skills of choirs and what music means to those coming together at a World Choir Games.

My first choir trip was an exchange between the students at Utrecht University, Netherlands and Kamer Youth Choir from Riga. The hospitality was incredible, a special moment in my life. I’m sure that everyone who’s coming to Riga this summer will experience not only choral music but also something special from Riga, Latvia and its people, something that will always remain. At least this was my experience in 1999. At that time I learned how small people are and how great our music and emotions.

What is music for you?

One says people can only survive maximum three minutes without breathing. It’s the same with me and music. I’m getting up with it; I’m going to bed with it. I’ve been playing the piano since the age of 3, I sing, clap and make music with everything that’s not quick enough to get out of my reach; classic, choir, symphonies, and also Jazz and Pop. My hobby has become my profession. It’s the best medicine to live, to communicate, to lough and to cry.

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