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December 2013
Dear friends of choral music.
The last event in the INTERKULTUR choral year 2013 is starting today:

„Sing’n’Joy Manila – Philippine International Choir Competition“ welcomes 45 choirs from December 1 to 15, 2013. In this issue of ON SITE you’ll read more about the upcoming event in Manila.

Also you will learn the results of our most recent event Sing’n’Joy Louisville, Kentucky, USA:

with musical regards,
Günter Titsch, President

Manila 2013: Participating choirs

Grand Prize includes prize money of $5,000

45 choirs come to Manila to sing and to enjoy a great time together with other singers from all over. They’ll compete in a total of 14 categories to be evaluated by the jury.

One of them is even Coro San Benildo, which just achieved excellent results in Louisville. Good luck for the competition everyone!
Participating choirs…

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Manila 2013: Jury

International choral expert to hold workshops

Dr. Kirby Shaw (USA) and Jonathan Velasco (Philippines) are among the five international jurors at „Sing’n’Joy Manila“.

Not only they evaluate the choir’s performances in the competitions, also they hold workshops about singing techniques respectively Philippine choral literature and history.

More information…

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Manila 2013: Program book

Who sings which pieces, where and when?

The detailed event schedule can be found in the official program book including information about the major events and great Singing together at the Closing Ceremony.

Also you’ll learn which choirs will perform in which category, and which pieces they sing in front of the jurors. Check it out!

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Louisville 2013: The results

Best choir: Georgia Southern Chorale, USA

By achieving 25,53 points in the “Spiritual” category the Georgia Southern Chorale, USA brought out the best result in the competition of Sing’n’Joy Louisville 2013.

They were closely followed by Coro San Benildo, Philippines with 25,26 points in the “Mixed Choirs – Difficulty Level I” category.

All results in detail…

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A collection of moments from the Sing'n'Joy Louisville Event.