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November 2013
Dear friends of choral music.
December comes closer in these days, and the holiday season is about to start. We’re going to kick off the Christmas month with a choral event: “Sing’n’Joy Louisville” in Kentucky, USA takes place from November 28 to December 1.

In this issue of ON SITE we’re going to tell you some more details about our upcoming event in Louisville, and additionally we won’t keep you from the results of our most recent events:

with musical regards,
Günter Titsch, President

Louisville 2013: Participating choirs

Singing and lighting up the
holiday season

Singers from the United States and from Philippines will join the “Sing’n’Joy Louisville” choral event. They’re going to spend a great Thanksgiving Weekend together presenting their holiday repertoire in anticipation of the holiday season. Singing together in Louisville!
Participating groups…

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Louisville 2013: Jury

Adjudicating a brand new category:
Alternative Learners

Most of the jurors coming to “Sing’n’Joy Louisville” are already experienced in adjudicating choir performances at several INTERKULTUR events. However, in Louisville an inspiring challenge is waiting for them, when they evaluate the new category “Choirs of Alternative Learners”.

The international Jury…

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Louisville 2013:
Program highlights

Experiencing choral music at the
Thanksgiving Weekend

Louisville will shine during the festival days. Choirs will put visitors in the mood for the holiday season by giving a Celebration Concert on November 30, a Friendship Concert in the Muhammad Ali Center and performances at the 33rd edition of the traditional “Light Up Louisville” event. The closing ceremony on December 1 features the Louisville Orchestra and a huge Festival Stage Choir.

Check out the event schedule…

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Canta al mar 2013: The results

Congratulations to 10 Category Winners!

41 choirs from 19 nations joined the “Canta al mar – Festival Coral Internacional” in Calella, Spain at the end of October. After three days of competitions, a total of 10 Category Winners were announced at the Awards Ceremony. The Academy Singers from Austria and Engelbrekts Kammarkör from Sweden even achieved a double category win. Best choir of the competition was Cantus from Norway with 25.13 points in the "Female Choirs – Difficulty Level I" category.

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Int. Choir Competition and Festival
Malta 2013: The results

The winner comes from Sweden!

Riddarholmens Kammarkör from Sweden, conducted by Stefan Boström has won the Int. Choir Competition and Festival Malta 2013. Six choirs were selected by the jury to compete in the Grand Prize Competition and the singers from Sweden convinced everybody. By achieving 27.32 points in the "Mixed Choirs – Difficulty Level II" category they even were the choir with the highest score of the whole competition.

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