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October 2013
Dear friends of choral music.
Our largest choral competition in 2013 is lying ahead.

From October 8 – 18, 2013 the 3rd Asia Pacific Choir Games welcome 135 choirs in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

In this issue of our event newsletter you will learn more about

with musical regards,
Günter Titsch, President

The participants

4000 participants from 18 nations

135 choirs registered for the largest international choir event in North Sulawesi in 2013. Most of them come from Indonesia, especially North Sulawesi. Therefore we’ll have a special “Local Open Competition” for local choirs. They can qualify from the Local Open Competition to the Champions Competition by being awarded a Golden Diploma (more than 20.5 points).
Participating choirs…

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The jury

Choral experts from nine nations

18 jurors evaluate a total of 192 choir performances in three different competitions held in 15 categories each. Check them out on our website; you will see some familiar faces!

International jury…

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The program

Concert highlights and details about the competitions

You want to know which choirs perform which pieces in which category? Download the official program book from our website and find it out!

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