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Dear Friends of Choral Music,

The premiere of the Croatian Choral Festival ISTRAMUSICA, set to be held in the beautiful city of Poreč, from September 9 to October 8, 2017 is bound to be one of the choral highlights of 2017. 

Why? Thanks to the vast panel of participation activities this month-long event has to offer, all choirs are sure to find what they’re looking for and, if not, create it, since the event’s novelty is exactly that – allow choirs all the options to make an event tailor-made for them. Moreover, why not catch the Early Bird and register within this week so as to benefit from our generous discounts?!

Already wondering about some of the options?  

Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Sample 1 - GALA CONCERTS - Give the Performance of a Lifetime

Tuesday – Arrival

Wednesday - Rehearsal and/or Coaching in the morning and a Serenade Concert in the     Historic Centre of Poreč in the afternoon

Thursday - Dress Rehearsal and Concert

Friday - Boat tour and Sightseeing

Saturday - Rehearsal and Gala Concert

Sunday - Visit Pula Colosseum in the morning and depart in the afternoon

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Sample 2 - CHORAL TRAINING & COMPETITION - Challenge your Preparation

Sunday – Arrival

Monday - Rehearsal and/or Coaching

Tuesday - Rehearsal and Concert

Wednesday - Evaluation Performance and Expert Meeting and the Competition Opening Concert in the evening

Thursday - Competition and a Friendship Concert in the evening

Friday - Competition and, in the afternoon, a Serenade in the Open Air at the Poreč Historic City Centre

Saturday - Award Ceremony, Grand Prix and Closing Concert

Sunday - Visit Pula Colosseum in the morning and depart in the afternoon

Sample 3 - SINGING & GIOSTRA - Bring out the Baroque Part of You

Tuesday – Arrival

Wednesday - Rehearsal and/or Choral Coaching

Thursday - Rehearsal and Evaluation Performance

Friday - Rehearsal and Friendship Concert and, in the evening, the Giostra Festival and an Open Air Serenade Concert in the Historic Centre of Poreč

Saturday – visit to “Giostra Croatian Historic Cultural Festival in Poreč”


Want more? Drop us a line at mail@interkultur.com with a question, curiosity or idea and we’ll get back to you with answers and suggestions.

The best journeys are made together! Let’s start one!


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